Our recommended reports on the post-Covid19 management challenges

par | Juin 15, 2020

I have compiled for you 9 interesting reports that I have read lately on how companies and managers can take up the main challenges in the post-Covid19 period.

I have selected 5 areas of focus : (I) Management style & leadership; (II) Communication; (III) Remote working; (IV) Workplace safety; (V) Post-Covid perspectives

Management style and leadership

1. – Accenture  

April 2020 : How to run effective business services during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Accenture has developed a program to help companies to develop and empathetic leadership and communications 

 2. Korn Ferry 

The COVID-19 Leadership Guide

Korn Ferry has assembled a collection of insights and guidance on strategies you need to steer your organization through this COVID-19 crisis


 3. Deloitte

May 2020 :  Combating COVID-19 with an agile change management approach

Deloitte has addressed in this leaflet key information on how companies need to develop strategies to communicate effectively to manage expectations of the stakeholders and engage the workforce in a clear and consistent way 

Remote working 

  4. KPMG 

Leading practices for remote working – KPMG Global

KPMG has compiled a list of useful best practice for remote working

5 . –

Should remote working be here to stay?

A detailed infographic on remote working

Workplace safety

6.  Cushman & wakefield 

June 2020 :  Recovery Readiness | Post-COVID-19 Recovery Insights

You can download guidelines on workplace safety to put your business back on track

7. PWC 

Reboot: Getting back to the workplace

Some useful data on workplace safety form an operational and HR perspective

Post-Covid perspectives

8. Center of Creative Leadership 

June 2020 : Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: Preparing for a Transformed World | CCL

You can download an interesting white paper to learn how to turn crisis into opportunity and to discover how to prepare your organization for the transformed world that comes next.

9. Accenture report

May 2020 :  5 Priorities to help reopen and reinvent your business  

Interesting view on risk and opportunities arising from the Covid crisis


And you, what are the latest readings that have been really meaningful to you on the main challenges faced by companies and managers?

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