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Know your strengths

To mobilise them in your daily life

As a result from Robert Seligman’s work on positive psychology, the Strengths Assessment is a powerful tool to:
?? Get to know yourself better and become fully aware of your strengths.
?? Understand what are your natural talents and how to activate them day by day.
?? Transform consciously a natural talent into a force.

Unlock your potential

To boost your leadership in 2021

 2021… finally! A new year that means even more than the others to make a new start.

2020 has shaken us up and we had to change our habits. Now it’s not just a matter of adapting but of finding your place at work to show the full extent of what you can do and boost your leadership.

For this, you need to work on two levels:
??The perception of yourself.
??The perception you give of yourself.

You can’t change people. However, if they see you differently, you will naturally influence the relation you have with them and boost your leadership.

How diversity brings value to your company and mitigates risk?

Live Debate 

The topic:
Social inclusion and diversity have been major topics in this week Davos’ agenda.
In this talk. Tamar explores the theme of diversity from a perspective of value creation and risk management, to strengthen human capital in a measurable way and mitigate the impact of inequalities in risk and crisis management

The speaker :
Tamar is a member of the Board of Dexia, she has over 20 years of experience in risk management, an expertise that she is teaching at the university Saint-Louis (Brussels).

Our community of Practice (CoP) “Managing through crisis”
We are a European cross-industries forum for people managers to share & learn with peers on how to make leadership evolve in times of crisis. We welcome all thinking forward people managers.