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Managing through Crisis

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Live Debate (latest recording):

How diversity brings value to your company and mitigates risk?


Tamar Julia-Paris (Speaker)

Luz d’Ans (Moderator)






Who are we ?

  • We are a team of 7 experts in the field of Human Ressources, operational performance, communication crisis and executive coaching
  • We ensure a quality content that has been developped since June and tested by various professionals
  • We strictly guaranty the confidentiality of your data
  • We deliver a benchmark that we help you assessing your actions
  • Upon request, we can offer you a personalised report and provide you with a more refined benchmark

Get to know us

    • Alessia LefebureDean of Academics Affairs at EHESP, the French school of Public Health
    • Christine Mueller, HR Director Switzerland, Roche 
    • Lilly Sitzler Spicher, Executive coach with experience in HR (Novartis, Syngenta)

    • Maxime Magnier, People and cultural Manager, Philip Morris

    • Mai TRAN, crisis communication senior expert

    • Anthony Durieux-Menage, HR Head, Medartis

    • Luz d’Ans, Executive with experience in Risk Management (UBS, HSBC)

    V E R B A T I M

    “During the crisis, I have learnt that the emotional and social connection remains of the essence both professionally and personally”
    “I realized that I need to bee more present/visible to my team”
    “This crisis has taught me that I can handle difficult situations like this while maintaining commitment and productivity of the team”

    Let’s write the next page of leadership together