January 2020 – Overcoming your professional blockages [group coaching]

by | Dec 15, 2019 | ORISE

? Please register your interest for our the next coaching session “Identifying blockages to better manage your working life” ✌️
This session will take place in January 2020: it’s the perfect time to do this kind of work!

➡️Have you ever felt stuck at work!
Managers are under pressure on a daily basis. If they don’t feel aligned with their job, this can result in them locking themselves into certain ineffective or even detrimental behaviours. And this is how some blockages are created!

In this course we will discover:
1️⃣How to identify the typical profiles of blockages at work
2️⃣You will learn basic tools to implement simple behavioural strategies
3️⃣You will learn simple coaching concepts to coach each other in groups and pairs

➡️Typical client
This course is designed for managers who are experiencing a loss of performance and/or meaning at work. Regardless of sector, position or hierarchical level. Participants will be selected to ensure group homogeneity.

1/ January 7: Video course – Introduction *
2/ January 14: Group coaching practice **
3/ 21 January: Video course – Emotions and values *
4/ 28 January: Group Coaching Practice **
5/ 4 February: Video course – De-escalating conflicts *
6/ 11 February: Group practice – Conclusion **

➡️ Practical details:
* Video course to be viewed alone. At the end of this course, you will be given an exercise to prepare in pairs with one person of the group.
* Group practice on a visio-conference system provided by ORISE Management and accessible on computer or smartphone. Session at 8pm

➡️Training materials
* A training booklet and a workbook
* Videos and replays
* Access to a private discussion group

➡️ Your commitment:
✔️ Respect of confidentiality towards the other participants
✔️Your attendance is necessary to be able to work collectively in workshops

Each candidate will be interviewed beforehand to define their issues and ensure the homogeneity of the group. This programme is tailor-made and will provide you with answers that will be key to initiate a change in your professional career!

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